Village Commons

In January of this year the Village Commons title was transferred from CCEDA to the Cortes Island Community Foundation. Now we get to carry this project into the future. Over the next year and a half, the CICF will work to develop the land by creating a permanent stucture and a traditional indigenous welcome pole. The grants that have funded this project have come from Destination Development Fund (DDF), Rural Economic Diversification & Infrastructure Program (REDIP) and Island Costal Economic Trust (ICET).

The Cortes Island Community Foundation has fostered extensive community input and engagement in the development of the Village Commons land. This collaborative effort has been marked by several key community-wide discussions and stakeholder engagements. Significant milestones include the “CICF Design Presentation” held on January 2nd, 2024, which gathered diverse community voices to view the initial plans. This was followed by the “Pavilion Design Workshop” on May 7th, 2024, where local organizations and leaders provided valuable feedback on different design options.  Each of these events has been pivotal in shaping a development that is truly community-driven.

Big Tent

The big tent is serving as a music venue on Friday Market days thanks to coordination and technical support by Jemma Hicken (CICF Outreach Coordinator) and Louis Belcourt (Awesome Tech Volunteer). 

Pod Office Space

The POD office space is booked and used every week day by a combination of Cortes organizations and non-profit leaders. We book time slots for 1/2 days. The POD can also be used ad hoc if it’s vacant, however, bookings take priority. 

Unity Pole

Designed and carved by Ernie Puglas at Klahoose First Nation, the Pole was commissioned for the Village Commons. For more information, watch the video online.

Sculptural Garden

Made from locally donated lumber, as well as driftwood and cedar, the sculptural garden was designed for children and adults to connect with our forest and engage in play!


A co-working and meeting space that is intended for the island’s nonprofits and community organizations.


A covered outdoor space that will be used for live music events, community workshops, and more!


Who is it for?

The Village Commons is for the whole community. Whether you need a co-working space, a secret liaison spot, a place to print documents, a playground, or a venue to listen to live music: you are welcome.

Who is paying for it?

The Village Commons phase one has been funded by three grants: ICET, REDIP, DDF, and donations from neighbours and friends.

When will it be done?

We’re aiming to have the Nook and the Pavilion finished by winter 2024!