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Cortes Island Academy

The Cortes Island Academy (CIA) is a program of School District 72 in collaboration with Cortes Island Community Foundation, Folk University, and the people of Cortes Island. The CIA pilot program began in September 2022 and ended January of 2023.

The program offers two quarters (10 weeks each) of immersive, experiential, project-based learning on Cortes Island, with the intention of continuing with unique annual offerings. These offerings will be overseen by SD72 teachers and staff with local facilitators, mentors, and knowledge holders to ensure that the program truly represents the unique talents, opportunities, and natural offerings of Cortes Island. Students from throughout the school district, including international education students registered with SD72, will soon be able to register for either 10-weeks or the entire 20-weeks of our next program beginning in the fall of 2023. (Priority given to Cortes Island and Klahoose First Nation students.)

The CIA pilot program demonstrates SD72’s commitment to improving student achievement, building a culture of learning and wellness, and honouring Indigenous world views and perspectives.

2023 MicroGrants

The MicroGrants 4 Neighbours program gets small amounts of money (usually $50 to $500) directly into the hands of neighbours doing important things for the community. This program developed out of Cortes Literacy’s seed grant program in partnership with Folk University. In 2023 we were able to fund 13 different projects surrounding the theme of youth empowerment, which means prioritizing projects that are youth-led or youth serving. Our 2023 MicroGrants for Neighbours was supported by The Campbell River Foundation, Decoda Literacy, Neighbourhood Small Grants and The Cortes Island School. 

Please consider a tax-deductible donation to the MicroGrants 4 Neighbours Fund.

Learn more and get inspired by watching the video below made by Immanuel McKenty.

Grants, Grants and more Grants!

Over the past 2 years our small community foundation has granted over $160,000 into our community. We participated in the Canada Emergency Recovery Fund grant and the Gender Equity grant. Each year we hope to grow our community granting program to help financially support our communities organizations. 

The Launch of our Social Profit Network

The Cortes Island Community Foundation has been working over the past few years to create a network to provide support to our islands many Social Profit organizations (which is over 30!). With this network we hope to provide support by helping to compile useful resources, develop funds & provide philanthropic tools. In 2023 we hosted our 2nd in-person gathering. Watch the video to learn more about the network and click here to read about past gatherings. 

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