Support a cause or charity by starting a fund

We are here to help you realize your philanthropic goals with a fund that suits your needs and means.

Named Funds

Goes to community granting with choice of interest (e.g. climate, education, women)

$5000 minimum initial donations

Donor Advised Funds

Donor advises organizations or interests with community granting as default.

$25,000 minimum initial donations

Impact Partner Funds

Collaborate to leverage strategic change in area of interest, usually over a 2-5 year period

$100,000 minimum initial donations

 Scholarship/Bursary Funds

Educational scholarships for high school students, post-grad, trades, etc.

$5000 minimum initial donations

Field of Interest Advised Funds

Goes to field of interest (e.g. climate or education). Through general or specific community granting call

$10,000 minimum initial donations

Incubation Funds

CICF partners to help fulfill local needs or grow a local organization serving a strategic priority area

no minimum donations

 Agency Funds

For community organization making charitable impact on Cortes.

permanent; $10,000 minimum, non-permanent $1000 minimum initial donation

Cornerstone Supporter

Support our foundational work of data and impact assessment, bolstering our community organizations and the social profit network, and community granting,

$5000-20,000 annually

Impact Partner

Support the incubation of emergent projects.

$50,000 annually