Simplified Grant Searching for Cortes Social Profits



1.   Join the Social Profit Network

This is a group of Cortes Island nonprofit organizations, programs and projects working together to support each other.  The network is where we share connections, grant opportunities and resources. Staff of the Cortes Island Community Foundation will send out grant references and referrals. Join the list by sending a message to the email above.


2.   Visit the BC Union of Municipalities Grant Database

Different government grants provide funding for nonprofits.  Many of these are available through the BC Union of Municipalities Grant Database.  


3. Sign up with Grant Watch

Anyone can use the general database to seek out grant opportunities.

Sign up to Grantwatch for free to get updates on grants related to your organization.  For a paid log in to get the specific granting details we will share the CICF log in with you!  

Send a request email to:  

 4. Sign Up for Pocketed

A Vancouver based organization with a grant matching tool and grant writing support.  Once you sign up for free, Pocketed will automatically match you with eligible funding programs.


5. Peer Grant Support

Reach out to the Cortes Community Foundation or send an email through the Social Profit listserve and ask for advice and referrals!

We have many experienced nonprofit leaders and grant writers on Cortes that are willing to offer you their volunteer time or consult for compensation to assist you.

Our Cortes Economic Development Association also has great contacts and resource sharing.  Reach out to them here –

Additional Resources