MicroGrants for Neighbours

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The MicroGrants 4 Neighbours program gets small amounts of money (usually $50 to $500) directly into the hands of neighbours doing important things for the community. This program developed out of Cortes Literacy’s seed grant program in partnership with Folk University. Now, MicroGrants for Neighbours is run by the Cortes Foundation with support from the Cortes Community Health Association, the Neighbourhood Small Grants Island Network, and a jury of neighbours, both young and old, that ensure a wide diversity of projects are funded.

Less bureaucracy. More impact.

MicroGrants for Neighbours is designed to spark creativity within our community. The 2023 Microgrants for Neighbours program was supported by Neighbourhood Small Grants, Decoda Literacy, the Campbell River Community Foundation and Folk University. The amazing project we see in our community would not be possible with the support from these organizations. This year we focused on projects that promote youth empowerment. This meant prioritising projects that are youth-serving and youth-lead. We were able to fund 13 different projects, which helped support childcare, encourage learning surrounding gender diversity and more!

Please contact Isabella McKnight at microgrants@cortesfoundation.ca with any questions regarding MicroGrants for Neighbours.

Watch this video by Immanuel McKenty to learn more about the MicroGrants for Neighbours program 

Past MicroGrant Projects

Adventures in Leadership was able to use their fund to hire Cortes Kayaks to run a safety lesson to island teenagers.

This was an in-the-round style, women-led concert featuring Brenda + DJ Hanson, Denise Wolda, Julie Nelson, and Josie Simpson. The diversity of songwriters we represented was very cool. All artists were women-led, but we were able to book both Indigenous and Settler artists, a great range of ages, experience on Cortes, different generations. – Jemma Hicken

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