GIA requests up to $10,000 (strategic grant)

*This application is currently closed*

There will be one grant of up to $10,000 provided for a larger, strategic initiative preferably involving multiple partners that is particularly timely in 2022. It is possible for an organization or a lead organization to apply for (and be awarded) a smaller capacity grant as well as a strategic grant.

    Information re: Applying Organization


    If different than above, the name of the Organization of Record (Charitable or NonProfit receiving funds).

    Did your organization/program receive a Grant-in-Aid reward last year?

    If so, how much?

    If necessary, can you make available the preceding years financial statements/annual report and this year’s budget?

    Information re: Requested Grant

    Total Grant-in-Aid amount requested (for this project/program) from the Regional District:

    Do you have other funds to support this project? Please indicate how much and if they are anticipated or in-hand.

    Please describe the project/program for which you are requesting funds:

    What is the minimum amount necessary to complete the project?

    Please describe the strategic or timely nature of this project and any work done to assess the need?

    GIA funding is limited. How do you foresee funding this initiative in the future?

    Start date:
    Completion date: