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Cortes Island Community Foundation is committed to accessibility. Our staff is available to help support you in filling out these applications.  Please call or email  if you’d like to take advantage of one-on-one support.


The Grants in Aid is a program of the Strathcona Regional District. The Community Foundation works with a team of jurors and the current Regional Director to disperse up to $25,000 annually towards support the Cortes Island nonprofits and charities to create meaningful projects in the community. 

MicroGrants for Neighbours

Learn more about past projects and how neighbours are using small amounts of money to make a big difference.

The Fund for Gender Equality

CICF is proud to be one of the participating community foundations across Canada taking part in the Fund for Gender Equality in Canada, a new collaboration between Community Foundations of Canada and the Equality Fund which is supported by the Government of Canada. In 2022, the Fund will be hosted by participating community foundations who will make a total of $3.4M available to projects in their communities.

Community Granting

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Apply for a Capacity Grant (up to $3,000)

Apply for a Strategic Grant (Up to $10,000)

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