Equity Statement


Cortes Island is a community with tremendous assets, full of creativity, vibrancy, and resiliency. At the same time, many of these assets are not fully realized. Solving these problems and creating a better future will require a shift.  

Equity is an approach whereby all people – including those who bear the burden of historic and contemporary forms of marginalization, whether intentional or unintentional – have equal access to opportunities to define and achieve goals. Equity is more than an outcome; it is an on-going process that seeks to correct systemic barriers and create a more just and fair society for all.

Why is an Equity Statment important?

We acknowledge that foundations have access to forms of power, such as capital, networks, and influence. As such, it is important for us to be explicit in our commitment to equity. 

Treating all groups equally will not result in equity. We recognize that this might create discomfort, and accept that change is rarely comfortable.

With equity at the forefront of our work, CICF strives to adapt to the changing needs of Cortes Island and the different people that make up this diverse community. This is an on-going process with no completion date.