Assessing Community Needs

Check out the 2023 Cortes Island Community Foundation and Social Profit health at a glance. This presentation was put together for the 2023 Social Profit Network gathering. Learn more about the amazing social profits on cortes that are helping to turn these needs into successes.

Small communities struggle to know themselves, without access to census data, housing information, and poverty statistics that are available to larger communities. One way that Community Foundations assess the unique needs of their communities and help track the efforts of their Social Profit communities is through Vital Signs research, supporting surveys and data collection directly and through our community partners.

See here the most comprehensive “State of Cortes” style assessment ever done, led by the Strathcona Community Health Network. Social Determinants of Health Fact Sheet: Cortes Island.

See here the: Housing Needs Data by the SRD

View the LEAP Report (Local Economic Action Plan) made by CCEDA 2018